Strategic Priorities

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Alameda Health Consortium (AHC) and Community Health Center Network (CHCN) recently embarked on a three year strategic plan that captures our guiding principles and ideals into distinct priorities that will assist in building and expanding our work, and the work of our member community health centers, through an informed and decisive manner.

We at AHC and CHCN are committed to addressing  the evolving needs of our patient population and members of our communities. As a result we created three new priorities:

  1. Workforce Development
  2. Behavioral Health Integration
  3. Operational Effectiveness

To better communicate our priorities and goals we have come up with two distinct graphics that capture both the high-level priorities as well as a more descriptive one-pager that details our goals for the next three years, you can also read the full plan.

Read our full report:


To learn more about our mission and guiding principals, visit our About Us page HERE.