Human Exploitation and Trafficking

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Human trafficking and exploitation, domestic violence, and sexual assault are each distinct, by definition, but share similar dynamics of power and control. These forms of interpersonal violence may also be co-occurring. Victims of human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, often experience other forms of abuse while being trafficked, which can also be said about victims of domestic abuse. The physical, mental, and social harms of each may present similarly in health care settings. Victims often have similar needs, such as physical and emotional safety, which must be supported by trauma-informed protocols and health-centered services.

Through our work we:

    • Coordinate protocol development/implementation with training at community health centers
    • Convene learning communities between hospitals that have completed training and protocol development and community health centers
    • Introduce community-based resources to support patient’s healing
    • Analyze prevalence data collected from community health centers and rolling up to the State

Resources for Healthcare Professionals:

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Multi-Disciplinary Teams with Advocates 

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