LifeLong Medical Care

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Watch to see how LifeLong Medical Care took care of our most vulnerable community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


LifeLong Medical Care provides high-quality health and social services to underserved people of all ages; creates models of care for the elderly, people with disabilities, and families; and advocates for continuous improvement in the health of our communities.

Clinical Services

  • Family Practice
  • Dental clinic: comprehensive range of dental services
  • Prenatal care: Over 5,000 prenatal care visits per year and availability of certified nurse mid-wives
  • Adult medicine
  • Pediatric care
  • Women’s health
  • Chemical dependency services

LifeLong Medical Care clinicAccess

  • Six sites in Berkeley and Oakland

Community Programs

  • Individual and family Counseling
  • HIV support services
  • Preventive health services for the elderly
  • Hypertension education, screening, and management
  • Chronic disease self-management

Meeting Housing Needs

Supportive housing program: Ten Single Residency (SRO) sites serving approximately 500 residents where clinic primary care services are provided on-site at each facility

Meeting the Needs of the Elderly

  • Geriatric care: services focusing on the elderly including medical care, preventive services, chronic disease management, intensive case management, health insurance counseling, and podiatry
  • Over 60 Health Center: preserves independence for the elderly through chronic care management and social services
  • Housing and on-site primary care services for the elderly
  • On-site Medi-Cal eligibility screening

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