by Joi Wilson

Paul Biberkraut is one of CHCN’s newest Leadership Team members. He is filling a position that has been vacant at the company for several years, Chief Financial Officer. Because we so rarely get new leadership staff, I asked Paul to sit down for an interview. Read below to learn more about Paul and the position.

Joi Wilson (JW):  What is the highest degree you have achieved in school and from where?

Paul Biberkraut (PB):  I achieved my Master of Business Administration, Executive from Pepperdine University.

JW:  Can you share with us some of your past work history?

PB:  I have had a diverse career as an accounting and finance professional including senior leadership roles in private and public for profit companies as well as not-for-profit organizations. My most recent position was CFO for an FQHC in the Central Valley of California and prior to that I was the CFO of a Medicare Advantage Health Plan operating in Southern California.

JW:   Why were you interested in joining the AHC/CHCN team?

PB:  I am a proponent of providing affordable, accessible, and high quality health care to underserved and vulnerable populations; and AHC/CHCN is clearly on the forefront of efforts to ensure that this mission continues and evolves in a challenging healthcare environment.

JW:  What are some of your goals/ideas for helping to grow AHC/CHCN?

PB: I anticipate that my involvement in developing more extensive data analytics, from a financial perspective, will enable both CHCN and its member FQHCs to better monitor ongoing operations and be an input into creating sustainable growth strategies. The 2014 Medi-Cal expansion and Health Benefit Exchange (Covered California) represent both opportunities and risk for the organization and robust analytics relative to these business segments will be crucial in evaluating them.

Do you have questions for Paul? If so you can email him at or keep an eye out for him the next time you attend a network meeting.