by Joi Wilson

CommunityHealthCenter Network is proud to have many extraordinary employees helping to make the organization run smoothly. One employee in particular, Cynthia Gallo, is showcasing her talents nationwide in a commercial for ITT Technical Institute. Cynthia is CHCN’s IT Systems Technician. She is an essential member of our IT Team responsible for the company’s multiple IT needs including A/V set up for meetings, configuring computers for new hires, and every kind of technical troubleshooting imaginable. When needed, Cynthia also steps in as a translator; she is fluent in both Spanish and English. I sat down with Cynthia to discuss not only filming the commercial, but how she decided to enter the IT field.

Joi Wilson (JW):  Why did you choose to enter the IT field?

Cynthia Gallo (CG):  In the first job I had we didn’t have IT staff in our office; we contracted out for the services. Often that meant help would take too long to come. I began troubleshooting most of the IT issues and found out that it came pretty easy to me. I became the “geek squad” for the company. That’s when I decided to enroll in ITT Tech.

JW:  What was it like attending classes at ITT Tech?

CG:  It was kind of intimidating at first. I was literally the only woman in all of my classes there. But over time I became comfortable with that fact; the field may still be predominately male but none of my classmates ever acted like my gender was a negative.

JW:  So, how was it filming the commercial?  It looks very professional.

CG: I have a new respect for people in the film industry after my experience. It’s amazing how much time goes into filming a one minute commercial. It was a fun experience and since it started airing, I’ve had family and friends calling me from all over.

JW:  Is there anything you want to say to people who are trying to choose a career path?

CG: I highly recommend the IT field.  Jobs in IT will always be around because companies everywhere are going electronic and paperless.

You can see Cynthia’s ITT Tech commercial below. Look for additional Employee Spotlights in future newsletters.