ICD-10 Online Training

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ON-LINE ICD-10 Training for Providers or Health Center Staff

CHCN is providing free, online ICD-10 Training for our Member Health Center Providers, Billers and Staff through the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC). The courses are self-paced and on-line through an AAPC website. To receive log-in information for the training, individuals must register on Eventbrite. After the Eventbrite Registration, within 10 business days the individual will receive from AAPC a URL and password that provides access to the on-line, ICD-10  training. Registration is open through the end of December 2015 so that new staff can obtain training. Individual learners can access the training 24/7 and for repeat trainings.

  1. “The Essentials of ICD 10 for Clinic and CHCN Staff”Three (3) hours. Designed for clinical and non-clinical staff who are NOT responsible for documentation but who should have an overview and understanding of ICD-10. https://eventbrite.com/event/17457511888/
  1. “ICD-10 Documentation Training for Providers” – Three (3) hours. The courses are offed by medical specialty. The course is designed for those who are involved with clinical documentation. Each provider selects ONLY ONE FROM THE LIST OF 21 PRACTICE OR SPECIALTY TYPES, which includes: Family Practice; Gastroenterology; Internal Medicine; Mental and Behavioral; OB/GYN; Pediatrics and Multi-specialty.  https://eventbrite.com/event/17449405642/
  1. “The Boot Camp for Billers/Coders”  – intense, 16 hour course that provides comprehensive understanding of guidelines and conventions of ICD 10 and fundamental knowledge of how to decipher, understand, and accurately apply codes in ICD–10. There are only a few slots per clinic for this training. See your manager prior to registering. https://eventbrite.com/event/17458505861/